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List of Alloys & profiles

List of Alloys & profiles

Trust Phynox to deliver in clinical and corrosive settings

Trust Phynox to deliver in clinical and corrosive settings

Phynox from Alloy Wire International is a highly versatile Colbalt-Chromium alloy that is used in a wide breadth of applications. Also known as Elgiloy, Conichrome and Alloy 3J21, Phynox has proven its worth as a highly reliable alloy with outstanding corrosion resistance, even in extreme settings. This supports its common uses, such as clinical devices, marine applications, and springs in high-stress settings.

Other attributes, such as being non-magnetic and having excellent fatigue life, stand Phynox apart from other alloys. Thanks to its corrosion resistance, Phynox is also highly suited to sea water applications.

The perfect dose for clinical applications

Phynox is commonly relied upon in clinical environments due to its combination of high strength, ductility and good mechanical properties at ambient temperatures. This makes it ideal for clinical applications, such as medical devices, dental products, surgical implants and orthopaedics. In addition, AWI is AS9100, ISO 14001, ISO 45001 and ISO 13485 certified, giving you assurance that our wire is delivered to the highest possible standards and suitable for medical usage.

Download the data pack to learn more about Phynox.

Shaping up your project

AWI is proud to offer Phynox in a range of size and shapes to suit whatever your project requires:

  • Round wire
  • Bars or lengths
  • Flat wire
  • Shaped wire
  • Rope/Strand

These formats can be packaged in coils, spools, bars or lengths, offering maximum flexibility for your project. This includes being able to deliver the alloy in a form that can be easily manufactured into springs by your preferred manufacturer.

6 key advantages when you partner with Alloy Wire

We are trusted to deliver the golden standard of alloy wire all over the globe. When you partner with Alloy Wire, you get six distinct advantages over competitors in the industry. Our 6 key advantages are as follows:

  1. We can offer wire thicknesses from 0.025mm all the way up to 21mm
  2. You can order as little as 3 metres and as much as 3 tonnes
  3. Standard delivery can be as little as 3 weeks
  4. We offer over 60 world-class alloys, for every possible application
  5. We manufacture wire to your exact specification
  6. We offer an emergency manufacturing service if you need your wire even faster

Springs for the most challenging environments

Phynox is used in the most demanding spring applications, thanks to its incredible corrosion resistance. Alloy Wire can provide a bespoke tensile by using different degrees of cold work to achieve the desired strength ready for spring forming, with no extra engineering needed. Phynox is also an age hardenable alloy – by using a heat treatment of 520°C for 5 hours to strengthen the material after the forming of springs, for example.

Trust Phynox to deliver in clinical and corrosive settings - Alloy Wire International 1

If you are interested in Phynox, contact the experts today and we would love to discuss your needs. Keep up to date with the latest developments on LinkedIn.

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